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CCH Bicycles produces world class, high performance bicycles, parts, and accessories for discriminating cycling enthusiasts, worldwide. We stand behind our products with a limited lifetime warranty good to the original, registered, purchaser.

The following three level warranty policies apply to ALL CCH hard-goods, if you are the original owner and can provide proof of purchase. This warranty does not apply to grips, tires or other soft-goods. In addition, this warranty doe not apply to complete bikes, specifically the components on complete bicycles, only the frame would be covered.


A Manufacturer’s Defect is anything deemed incorrect with the product upon purchasing it. We realize it may take some time to notice these types of problems, so we allow a 30-day period to identify them. Any product determined to posses such a defect will be replaced free of charge.


If a crack or break develops on any CCH hard-good during the life of the product, we will replace it free of charge, under the following terms: Provided you are the original registered owner, and we determine you did not abuse or mis-use the product. If we determine you don qualify for a free replacement, we may at our discretion, offer replacement or an upgrade at a discounted price.


If you damage a CCH product while in use, you can purchase a replacement or an upgrade at discounted Warranty Upgrade prices for the life of the part. Products purchased at Warranty Upgrade prices directly from CCH will be covered by our 30-Day Warranty against Manufacturer’s Defects only.

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