CCH Factory Rider Application

So you wanna be a Factory Rider?

We are always looking for unique opportunities with riders who can help promote and grow our brand.
The question is, are you that rider?

(Novice and Intermediate riders are NOT eligible for Factory status)

Here is the basic criteria you need to meet:

You live and love BMX racing and it is your number 1 priority above all other sports and hobbies.

Every week you are hitting your local track(s) for practice and our racing

You race your state series and you race the gold cup series.

You race as many nationals as you can, at least 4-5 nationals per year, Plus you NEVER miss the Grands.

You almost always make the main, and typically podium or at least get top 4

You LOVE CCH bikes and understand why we make THE BEST frames and parts on the market period.

You have LOTS of friends and riders who look up to you and who will want a CCH as soon as they see you have one.

You have great references – shops, team managers, other riders, who have nothing but good things to say about you.

You always giver 110% when you race, even when you have a bad gate, or come unclipped, you still race hard to the line, always trying to pick up a better position.

You NEVER give up on the track.

You do not curse, gossip, talk smack, throw tantrums, lose your cool, or do anything that would embarrass your sponsor or be considered un sportsmanlike.

You and your bike ALWAYS look factory, clean, professional, well maintained.

You understand the tremendous responsibility of being a FACTORY rider.

You are a great communicator!

If you are under 18, your parents are 100% supportive of your BMX racing and agree with ALL above…

Can you answer YES to all of the above? Really?

IF you can honestly answer YES, then keep reading, if not then hit the bricks pal…

All new factory riders will typically start out on a performance based contingency plan as follows:

CCH provides frame(s) parts, uniforms, on a “trial basis” for “rider to use” while on the team. (We don’t just give out free stuff for the heck of it) If for any reason rider quits or is released from the team, all frames/equipment MUST be returned to CCH, or PAID for. Yup.

CCH Provides primary class entry fees ONLY if you finish top 3 or better, at a National or Gold Cup event.

These are the basics, if things work out, we all like each other, your kicking butt, and you really are doing everything we listed above, then we may choose to negotiate more perks and incentives to help support your racing career.

This is a two way street, er, track.. You know what we mean!

Sponsoring riders is a significant investment of time, money, and marketing efforts. So YOU HAVE TO BE WORTH the investment.. ARE YOU? We need to calculate our ROI (return on investment) Soooooo, again, go back to the top of the page, re-read everything, and if you still think you are right for CCH, then simply fill out the form below!

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