CCH Grassroots Rider Program



CCH’s Grassroots Program offers riders who qualify a Co-Sponsorship Program that includes benefits, discounts and a chance to be part of CCH’s National GRASSROOTS Rider Program!

(International Sponsorship Programs May Vary)

CCH manufactures high performance BMX racing frames (Made in USA) and Professional grade components for serious racers! If you are currently not part of a team and want to be part of our Grassroots Program, You’re in luck! We are looking to support riders, on a state and local level, who Live and Love the sport of BMX, with or without a sponsor, and who demand high quality equipment!

To be part of our Grassroots program, you must not only act like a Factory Sponsored rider but you must look like one too! Therefore, we have a list of requirements that must be followed by all members of the CCH Grassroots Program:

Our Grassroots program is OPEN ENROLLMENT, open to all ages, classes. Everyone must first submit the Grassroots rider application and release forms. (see button below) We will review your application to make sure you meet the basic criteria. Once you have been accepted into the program, you can get started!

Rider Requirements, What You Need To Do:

1. You must be a licensed rider to participate (USABMX or UCI). All ages & classes are welcome in the “Grassroots” program.

2. You must race a minimum of 18 local and/or state/regional races per year as CCH strongly urges the support of all local tracks.  (National events are not required for the Grassroots program, but strongly encouraged.)

3. If your still in school, you must maintain a GPA (grade point average) of 2.5.

4. Your number plate must have a CCH sticker on it. (Our use the official Gatenine Custom number plate available only to CCH riders.)

5. You must list CCH Bikes as your sponsor.

6. A monthly race report must be submitted to CCH by email. (use blank cch race form we provide)

7. You will be representing CCH, and as such you must be polite and helpful to anyone who approaches you and asks you about your bike or your sponsorship.

8. Unsportsmanlike conduct of any sort by a rider or his/her parent may be subject to immediate dismissal. This includes verbal or physical misconduct. There will be no arguing, fighting or ‘bad mouthing’ your sponsor, fellow racers or track officials.

9. You must race on your CCH bike and in your CCH Grassroots uniform!

Rider Benefits, Here Is What You Get:

1. You will be given the choice of 3 co-sponsorship packages. Package #1 includes a CCH frame & uniform. Package #2 includes CCH frame, uniform, & Answer Dagger, or Box forks, Package 3 is for a Custom CCH Complete bike kit, & uniform.

2. Sponsorship period is 1 full year from date of package purchase.

3. Grassroots rider discounts: Once enrolled, ability to purchase all CCH brand products, Answer, Fly, Profile, Box. ProMax and many other brands at 25-35% off retail prices.

4. You will be featured on CCH’s Grassroots website once we receive a picture of you in your CCH uniform and on your CCH bike!

5. Submit your monthly race reports, then, at the end of the season we will take your best 15 state/local races, and determine the top riders in each region. ONE rider in each region will receive $100 credit towards BMX Parts/Products of their choice: Helmet, forks, cranks, whatever you want up to $100 retail value. Also you will receive a CUSTOM CCH/Gatenine number plate stating you where top rider in your region! Example: “2014 West Coast Regional Champion” (Official rules will be provided once enrolled)

5. The CCH Grassroots Program is Open Enrollment, as long as you agree to abide by the requirements listed above, and complete the Enrollment form and waiver, We will review your application, and in most cases, you will be approved. Limited slots available per state, CCH May close program enrollment as slots are filled.

All Packages are sold on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE BASIS. Please allow 4-8 week for processing & delivery after payment is made (Depending on stock levels of frames) RESERVE YOUR SPOT ASAP.

Package #1 (minimum package requirement)

  • CCH SuperCup USA Made frame (MSRP $495)
  • CCH Grassroots Team  jersey
  • Fly F-16 Team Pants
  • Fly F-16 Gloves
  • CCH stickers
  • Exclusive Team Discounts  on Parts

Over $700 Retail Value…………………………Team Package Price $495 Shipped

Package #1B

  • CCH SuperCup USA Made frame (MSRP $495)
  • Answer Dagger, or Box Forks
  • CCH Grassroots Team  jersey
  • Fly F-16 Team Pants
  • Fly F-16 Gloves
  • CCH stickers
  • Exclusive Team Discounts  on Parts

Over $950 Retail Value…………………………Team Package Price $695 Shipped

Package #1C

  • CCH G-Nat Bike Kit – includes USA Made Frame, Answer Dagger or Box forks, Answer Carbon Post, Answer Pivotal Seat, Answer Brakes, Answer Cranks, Answer or Crupi Wheels. All Top of the line parts–over $2400 retail value. (Pro size XL bike weighs only 18.6lbs!!)
  • CCH Grassroots Team jersey
  • Fly Kinetic Shock Team Pants
  • Fly Kinetic Shock Gloves
  • CCH stickers
  • Exclusive Team Discounts  on Parts

Over $2500 Retail Value…………………………Team Package Price $1795 Shipped


*Program Terms/Prices Subject to change. Based on Availability, Race pants and gloves of equal or great value may be substituted.

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