CCH BMX Sponsorships

CCH Bicycles is the premier manufacturer of High Performance BMX Racing, Frames, Forks, Parts and Accessories, for serious racers worldwide. We offer a variety of sponsorship programs for every level of rider.


Factory/Co Factory Sponsorship

The highest level of sponsorship. These riders represent CCH Factory on tracks worldwide.

Status: FULL – Don’t call us, we’ll call you!


CCH National Team

Hand picked riders, limited to 10 riders per state, ability to purchase exclusive National Team package at greatly reduced cost. Exclusive discounts on parts and accessories. Awards and incentives, ability to advance to co-factory or possible factory team status. Limited to experienced Intermediate or expert riders with 2 years experience, who consistently race, local, state, regional, and especially national racing events.

Status: Illinois, Maryland – FULL – All other states contact CCH


CCH Grassroots Rider Program

Open enrollment program available to all ages and classes. Ability to purchase discount team packages, receive exclusive discounts on parts and accessories, compete with other CCH Grassroots riders in your region for awards and prizes, represent CCH Bicycles at your state, local, and regional events



CCH Team Sponsorship Program

If you have a team, or would like to start one, let’s talk! We are actively seeking Team Managers to recruit and form official CCH State teams, Bike shop teams, local, regional and other teams. Team manager and/or shop incentives available to recruit and run team. Minimum 6 riders need to form a team. All riders must ride CCH frames, and official team uniform. Exclusive team discount packages available, ability to purchase parts and accessories thru your local participating shop or direct from CCH Bicycles.


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