About CCH


CCH Bicycles was started by Christopher C Hoffman (get it ?) AKA Cruisen’ Chris. …Cruisen’ started racing back in the 80’s when he was 15. With hero’s like Greg Hill, and inspirations like Bob Haro, Bob Osborn, and even Chris Moeller, Cruisen’ Chris quickly developed a passion for BMX, and in particular the BMX industry. Chris continued racing thru the early 90’s, while also developing his own product lines, which lead to a 10+ year career in the BMX industry doing sales, marketing, publishing, and designing many of popular products from frames to number plates, and everything in between. During the mid 90’s Chris was also a resident of the infamous POW house in Westminster CA. In the early 2000’s Cruisen’ took a break to raise a family.


Today CCH Bikes is back bigger and better than ever with one goal in mind: To make the best frames, forks, parts and accessories you can buy. Our philosophy is simple. No cheap gimmicks, no cheap parts, no corners cut. Its not about quantity, its about quality. When you buy a CCH product, you can be confident your getting a product that was designed, engineered, and manufactured to perform at professional competition standards. Not just a bunch curvy tubes, extra tubes, or flashy graphics.

Way back in the day S&M Bikes had a slogan in their ad that read “if you suck, please don’t buy and S&M”.. That pretty much sums up our philosophy as well. No posers allowed. If you’ve got heart and you want a quality product that makes a statement that tells everyone what’s what, consider CCH. You’ll be glad you did.


CCH Products are available at better Pro Shops worldwide. If your shop does not carry CCH, please have them contact us. Or if you prefer, you can order factory direct. As a small manufacturer, we produce our products in small production runs, CCH products will be hard to get, and that’s the way we like it. In many cases, especially with our frames, you will need to pre-order, or back order our goods. Good things take time :)

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